Sunny start to Monday forecast in Kent but a chance of rain in afternoon

There should be plenty of sun this morning across Kent, but cloud will be around in many parts. The clouds will start to come as early as noon.

And that cloud is forecast by the Met Office to stay for the rest of the day. There’s a fair chance of rain at varying times in the afternoon and evening in parts of Kent, but it is forecast to be short bursts. Temperatures in Kent around the 21C to 23C. In Dartford, a sunny start until around 11am to noon, when the cloud will set in.

There’s a 50 per cent to 40 per cent chance of rain in the early evening, then again at 7pm. Top temperature of 23C. Ramsgate will have a sunny and cloudy start and this will continue until 2pm, when it will be cloudy for the rest of the day.

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The sun may come out at around 4pm with a fair chance of rain at 7pm. But expect a good blast of full sun at 10am. Top temperature of 22C.

Tunbridge Wells will see a sunny start this morning until the clouds start to come from between 11am and noon. It will be cloudy for the rest of the day, with a 40 per cent of rain at 7pm. Top temperature of 21C today.

New Romney will see a cloudy and sunny start to the morning, although there will be full sun for around an hour at 9am. Cloudy from noon for the rest of the day Top temperature of 21C.

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Article Source: Kent Live