Engineer shares ‘surprising’ cheapest way to boil water in a bid to save money

Results of finding the cheapest way to boil water has left one engineer and academic shocked. TikTok user dinosaurdannyx has conducted an experiment to find out how much energy and cost is involved when boiling two litres of room temperature water.

Kicking off the experiment he worked out how to measure the flow of gas that is used by his stove. After that he then found out that it cost him about 1.99p to boil water through his hob.

He then found that using his electric kettle to do the same job cost nearly twice as much at 3.94p. The Mirror report that he said: “The results of this actually surprised me.”

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Despite kettles using less energy overall the price difference between electricity and gas means that the hob is cheaper. He said: “If you’re looking for an energy saving, go for the electric kettle.

“If you’re looking for a cost saving, go for the hob.” New research. shows that people who rely on oven cooking could save £604 per year by switching to other appliances.

The study conducted by Utilita and the supermarket giant Iceland has shown the cost breakdown of six main types of cooking appliances that are typically found in homes across the country. It is based on the average amount of time that the appliance is on for the day.

The electric cooker takes the most energy and can cost up to £316.54 per year to run. On the other hand a microwave costs just 8p per day and that adds up to £30.02 per year.

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Article Source: Kent Live