Celebrating Our Guest Teachers

KSD is celebrating our guest teachers. Guest teachers make sure students are still learning when teachers are away from their classroom, and Kent School District (KSD) is honoring and celebrating its guest teachers throughout December for Guest Employee Appreciation Month.

In our district, there are 415 dedicated guest teachers who enable teaching staff to engage in professional development or provide coverage for staff to address situations that arise in life. They serve throughout all buildings and in various environments across our district.

“You can’t do this job if you aren’t flexible,” said guest teacher Laura Lopata.

Guest teachers are notified of substitute opportunities by using Frontline Education Absence Management, the Frontline Education app, or a teacher will directly contact a guest teacher to substitute. Guest teachers can also choose how many days they want to work per week.

Creativity is another skill guest teacher’s need in order to be effective.

“We need to know how to think on our feet and possibly wing it since things could change quickly. There could be time to fill if lessons end early and may have to adjust things on a second’s notice.”

Often times, guest teachers are in different classroom environments and must have strategies that work well for any situation.

Lopata said at recess she loves to watch kids learn, have fun and play together. She also added that adults can learn from them.  

Thank you, guest teachers, for the amazing work that you do in preparing students for their futures.

There are substitute teaching opportunities in our district if you are interested in learning more about this position.

Article Source: Kent Meridian High School