February is CTE Month

It’s February, and not only does that mean the winter months are getting shorter, but it’s also CTE Month! CTE stands for Career and Technical Education and is one of the ways students can learn through hands-on activities and build pathways towards a potential career path. For example, in Kent School District (KSD), we have one of Washington’s most robust CTE course offerings. KSD continues to lead the way in how we shape our students’ learning with an interactive and engaging curriculum.

Our CTE specialists help students find courses that suit their needs Picture of CTE Specialist Anthony Berry from Kentridge High Schooland help them realize a pathway to life after high school. Anthony Berry is the CTE specialist at Kentridge High School and is a big part of getting students connected to CTE courses. Anthony spoke on the importance of CTE and its benefits for students. “CTE courses allow students to acquire hands-on experience that helps them identify their strengths and interests while providing opportunities to learn about different potential career paths,” said Berry.

By building skills relevant to future careers, students leave KSD with sights set towards a future career. “The various CTE program areas are a vital tool in students building career awareness and discovering various pathways after graduation because they set the foundation for both postsecondary education and workforce readiness,” Berry said.

Kent School District offers many different course offerings covering Agriculture Sciences, Business & Marketing, Family & Consumer Sciences, Health Sciences, and much more. The courses areStudent in a video production class designed to make sure students learn technical skills to apply to a future career pathway. For example, video production goes into the full exploration of cameras, lighting, and video editing software. Introduction to Java Programming lets students learn about the Java programming language and how to create software applications using math, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

Celebrating CTE Month in KSD

We will be celebrating CTE month through February by highlighting teachers who teach some of the unique courses offered through our CTE program. Learn more about how our Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs give students skills and knowledge to find a successful pathway after high school.

Article Source: Kent Meridian High School