Honor Choir Students Take the Stage

honor choir High school students from across Kent School District will take the stage to showcase their choral and musical talents on February 8 at Kent-Meridian High School. 

“When the students come together to sing, their sound takes your breath away,” Kent-Meridian High School’s choir director, Dr. Heath Thompson, promised about the annual event. “They are so amazing! It is hard to put into words how great these students sound, it can only be seen and heard to be believed.” 

This is Thompson’s third year directing the districtwide event alongside Daisy Emans from Kentwood and Jeffrey Gordon from Kentridge. He said it’s a great way for students and families from different schools to come together and build community. 

“Collaborative events like this help students realize that we are all part of the same community and that no matter what high school you go to, there are talented choir students,” he explained. 

His students agreed. 

“We’re all from the same community, so opportunities like this, and the MLK rally earlier this year, help us become friends with students from other schools,” Kent-Meridian senior Khattab Abdul-Raheem said. 

“It’s really exciting to get to meet other people who share our passion,” Kent-Meridian senior Lauren Phelps added. “You get to be part of this great community and our friendships last beyond the choir.” 

Participating in music programs and the honor choir also helps students prepare for their futures by gaining experience working on short deadlines and with university music professors. 

“It’s helped me realize I’m capable of college-level work,” Kent-Meridian senior Luciano Correa said. 

“No matter what these students choose to pursue after high school, their lives will be deeply enriched by the skills they have gained while participating with other students achieving a challenging goal at a very high level,” Thompson explained. 

Thompson said Choir is open to all students and he encourages all students to consider joining.  

“Being part of this choir has helped me feel more confident,” Lauren said. “Even if you don’t think you’re a great singer, you should try! It’s worth it!” 

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Article Source: Kent Meridian High School