Let’s Go on Metro!

TOP students on the Metro Bus Teaching students how to take the metro bus is a cornerstone of TOP’s mission. When students know how to ride the bus, it opens their world and the places they can go are endless.

This year, most TOP job sites are on the bus line and students practice their metro skills daily. Students begin by taking the bus in their small groups and on their Friday outings under staff direction. Once they have shown success and independence, students can work with a First Transit Metro trainer to learn to take the bus independently in the community.

In 2006, TOP teacher and curricular lead, Steve Lloyd, developed the Metro Mobility Procedure. This tool breaks the skill of taking the metro bus down into 10 manageable steps.

  1. Wait appropriately at bus stop
  2. Take out pass as bus approaches
  3. Board bus
  4. Tap pass (pay fare)
  5. Ask for transfer (if needed)
  6. Sit appropriately at front of bus
  7. Use appropriate social skills
  8. Pull cord before stop
  9. Gather belongings
  10. Get off bus at stop

Once you master these skills, where will your freedom take you?

Article Source: Kent Meridian High School