London Resort plan withdrawn: Mixed emotions for residents as plan for ‘Kent Disneyland’ withdrawn

There has been a mixture of reactions in the wake of this morning’s (March 29) announcement made by The London Resort. The current plans for the huge theme park, dubbed ‘Kent’s answer to Disneyland’, have been withdrawn.

It follows the classification of Tilbury as a Freeport, which means that revisions are now required in order to move the ferry terminal to Grays. In addition to this, last year Natural England designated the Swanscombe Peninsula a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

In a letter sent in late November to the Infrastructure Planning Inspectorate, the resort’s CEO PY Gerbeau said that following the decision there would not be “material changes” to the resort’s application, but instead there will be “subtle changes in the green infrastructure strategy”.

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The London Resort was due to open in 2025 on the Swanscombe Peninsula. Drawings from an artist gave an impression of how the theme park would look, with beaming lights pointing up towards the night sky along with a huge medieval-themed castle and lava waterfalls. The plans revealed that the vast site would have been the size of 136 Wembley Stadiums.

The recent news has therefore led to a lot of disappointment among thrill-seekers who couldn’t wait for the park to open. Paul Browne commented under our Facebook post and said: “I think this is a devastating blow for Kent.”

Carole Thompson wrote: “That’s so sad. Everyone was looking forward to a bit of happiness in their lives and now it’s been withdrawn?!”

Artist’s impressions show plans for several thrilling rollercoasters, and the park’s castle

One of the main sources of opposition to the ambitious project came from the Thames Crossing Action Group, who strongly opposed the plans for the Lower Thames Crossing. Laura Blake, Chair of the Action Group, said: “We like many have had serious concerns over the proposed London Resort. There was no way we could have supported London Resort whilst opposing the LTC, it would have just been too hypocritical.

“The reasons to object to both projects are just too similar, including how hugely destructive and harmful they would be, the traffic and congestion issues they would inflict, and the negative impacts to businesses, communities, and people’s lives, health and well-being. We are delighted by this latest news, and hope that London Resort will come to their senses and not even attempt to resubmit their plans again, as there is no way the theme park should go ahead on the Swanscombe Peninsula or anywhere else round here.

“Huge thanks and well done to Save Swanscombe Peninsula SSSI and everyone else who has been fighting so hard! Together we are stronger!”

A view of the Swanscombe Peninsula near Dartford

The Action Group wasn’t alone in voicing their concerns about the proposals, as many people took to social media following the news to express their relief. Kati Ellender said: “We don’t need this here in Kent, hardly any countryside left, go build it in another county where there are less people and more space!”

Natasha Marie Wils wrote: “I live on the doorstep of where this will be built and it’s going to be a nightmare. There’s an issue with protected wildlife that’s on the site where they want to build it I heard.”

Angie Winchester said: “Yessssss best news ever!!”

At the end of their statement, The London Resort state they are “still 100% committed” to the project. The resort’s CEO said plans will be resubmitted before the end of 2022.

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Article Source: Kent Live