New Elementary School & Academy Names Proposed

Naming a school is an important opportunity to help our students, staff, and community feel included in creating a new school community. Thanks to local voters, we are scheduled to open two new schools in Kent School District next fall, a new elementary school and a new academy campus. Since this summer, new facility site teams made up of students and staff, have been working to brainstorm and get input from their school communities on the names, mascots, and colors for our newest facilities.

During the December 9 school board meeting, the new school planning teams presented their proposed ideas for school board directors to vote on during the January 13 board meeting. Per school board policy, the names of new buildings should be selected based upon geographical location or local community name or distinguished individuals who have served the local community, state or nation, in education or related field. School mascots should represent the school in a positive manner, befitting school unity and pride.

River Ridge Elementary School This graphic is for illustrative purposes only, not the finalized selections.

New Elementary School

22420 Military Road S., the former site of Kent Mountain View Academy

Principal Kristi White and her site planning team made up of students and staff have been meeting since this summer to brainstorm and decide on a process to ask their school community for input on their new name, mascot, and colors. 

The new elementary school will mostly serve students from Kent Elementary and Neely-O’Brien Elementary, based on the proposed new boundary study

  • Proposed Name: River Ridge Elementary School
  • Colors: Ocean blue, black, and silver
  • Mascot: Raptors 

Kent Laboratory Academy This graphic is for illustrative purposes only, not the finalized selections. 

New Academy Campus

Corner of 108th Ave. SE and 208th St., the former site of Panther Lake Elementary 

Principal Stephanie Knipp and her planning team made up of students and staff have been meeting for months to brainstorm and decide on a process to ask their school community for input on their new name, mascot, and colors. 

Like the current academies, the new academy will serve students in grades 3-12 from all areas of our district. Following the laboratory school model, the new academy will have a partnership with a local college or university to explore and implement innovative practices in education. 

  • Proposed Name: Kent Laboratory Academy
  • Colors: Brick red, charcoal gray, silver or gold accent colors
  • Mascot: Griffin 

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Article Source: Kent Meridian High School