NW Teacher of the Year

Congratulations, Ms. Cale!

Jennifer Cale Jennifer Cale is the Northwood Middle School Teacher of the Year. Though this is only her second year as a Jaguar, Ms. Cale has already made a tremendous impact on our school community.

Several students and staff had incredible things to say about Ms. Cale. Check out the following excerpts from various nominations.

“Jennifer is an amazing teacher who goes out of her way to reach students and create a positive relationship with them. Jennifer works with both our Core 7 students and our seventh-grade Humanities students. She has truly embraced the social-emotional and academic needs of our HiCap students as well as our Core students. Working with HiCap students takes a special kind of person. They need to not just be able to teach the concepts, but to teach them in a way that helps engage the students’ minds at the same time as understanding that often this population requires different social-emotional support. I have watched Jennifer take this on with all her heart and her academic teaching capabilities. She gets her classes working in small groups, debating topics and readings while virtually teaching. As a coworker I also see her helping others with technology needs and participating in school-wide training. She is a team player and is always positive. Jennifer is just an all-around amazing teacher!”

“Ms. Cale puts so much effort into everything she does for her students. On each of our birthdays, she wishes us a happy birthday, without fail. Overall, I feel like Ms. Cale gives off super great energy and everyone I know looks forward to going to her class.”

“Ms. Cale is a teacher who cares about her students and works to make what we do in class fun. In the beginning of the year, she gave everybody a mini cactus! She is helpful when someone is stuck. Her advice has really helped me develop new skills. She does things like making escape rooms related to what we are learning so we can have a good time and work with others. On the topic of working with others, her class is the class where I work in groups the most (nearly every day). I like working in groups because it gives everything more of a real classroom atmosphere and it makes the work we have to do less stressful. I have also gotten to know some classmates better because of the small groups. She, along with Ms. Sorbello, also gave all the seventh graders a Christmas present and went to Northwood to pass them out when mailing them didn’t work out. I think that is really nice and thoughtful. Overall, Ms. Cale is that teacher that you will never forget, even when you are all grown up.”

“The reason I am nominating Ms. Cale is because she is a wonderful teacher because even if she is working on teacher things after school hours if we email her she will still help us with classwork, she actually cares, she is not always so serious, she makes sure that the class is not so quiet, makes us laugh every once and a while and is always ready to help anyone so that is why I am nominating Ms. Cale for this award.”

Article Source: Kent Meridian High School