Our Work Continues

Dear KSD Community,

Today, we join together as a community, a nation, and a world, nearly one year after witnessing the killing of Mr. George Floyd. And today, we now know that the jury has found the former police officer guilty of murder.

While this rendering of justice will neither bring back the life that was taken nor will it restore the humanity that has been stripped from Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in our country for centuries. However, in the spirit of truth and justice, may we move forward with restored hope to build a more equitable, just, and anti-racist society—together.

May this verdict signify the dismantling of the very same structural, institutional, systemic, and interpersonal racism that manifests itself through beliefs, policies, attitudes, and actions. As your Superintendent, I remain committed to providing equitable resource allocations and high-quality learning opportunities to each student regardless of race, ethnicity, learning difference, linguistic ability, or zip code.

Please join me in this commitment as we realize our vision, mission, and core values in Kent School District.

In partnership and service,

superintendent signature

Dr. Calvin J. Watts

For resources to support conversations about race, equity, and inclusion with your students or children please visit our Equity Council’s articles and resource page

Article Source: Kent Meridian High School