School Board Recognition Month

The month of January marks the observance of School Board Recognition Month. This is an opportunity to show our year-round appreciation for our elected leaders who are key to building the future of public education. As a crucial bridge between the local community and school district, school board members are elected to establish the policies that provide the framework for public schools. Their commitment to service and public education affects the present and future lives of our children and our communities.

Kent School District Board of Directors were honored during the January 8 board meeting with a proclamation from Governor Jay Inslee read by Superintendent Calvin J. Watts.

NW Choir Director, Students, Board Directors, Superintendent The Northwood Middle School Choir gave a musical presentation led by Jeffrey Gordon, director of choirs at Northwood Middle School and Kentridge High School. Thank you to the parents and students who attended and participated in honoring these hard-working individuals who collectively serve on our school board.

Many schools participated by providing cards, posters, and video to show their appreciation for our school board members. During School Board Recognition Month, we encourage all members of our community to thank a board member for volunteering their time and playing a critical civic role in helping to form one of the key pillars of our democracy—public education.

Every day, students count on public schools to help prepare them for successful futures. They count on adults across this district to ensure they have access to resources to help them learn, keep their buildings safe, and have qualified teachers to guide them. It takes countless hours and an unwavering commitment to our community to make this all possible. Our school board is instrumental in helping all of us realize the hopes and dreams we have for the children in our community.

Article Source: Kent Meridian High School