‘Skint’ crook from £53m Tonbridge Securitas robbery marries in lavish do after early release

A criminal that took part in Britain’s biggest robbery has married in a ‘lavish’ ceremony despite only paying back £1 of the £53 million stolen.

Just months after being freed from a 12 year stint in prison, Jetmir Bucpapa has married in his home town in Albania.

Bucpapa, who claimed to judges that he had no assets to repay the stolen money, was forced to pay back just £1.

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He was one of seven who were jailed in 2008 after stealing £53 million from the Securitas depot in Tonbridge – the UK’s biggest ever robbery.

More than £30 million is still missing from the stolen cash.

Albanian Bucpapa, 41, was given 15 years for robbery, kidnap and gun charges. He was freed early from HMP Belmarsh in August last year and deported to Albania.

Bucpapa’s British first wife Rebecca had vowed to stand by him but they are said to have divorced while he was inside.

On New Year’s Day Bucpapa wed Besiana Dushina in their home town of Tropoje in a lavish bash, according to the Mirror. Pictures show them posing lovingly in a stately home.

The robbers were caught on CCTV

They then jetted off on honeymoon. Besiana, 34, declined to tell the Mirror where but said it was “very special”.

A source in Albania told the Mirror: “So far we do not have any request from the UK to investigate any property or investment under his name or his relatives’.”

During the 2006 robbery, raiders posing as police kidnapped the depot manager and his family.

Thugs also tied up 14 staff at gunpoint.

Detective Superintendent Patrick Milford, of Kent Police, said: “We continue to appeal for information.”

Article Source: Kent Live