Student Art Reflects the Pandemic

student art painted on side of building, wings with flagsKent-Meridian High School Students Offer Messages of Resilience, Strength, & Hope Through Art

Tumultuous. Strange. Ever-changing. There’s a lot of different words people have used to describe this past year, but Kent-Meridian High School Art students went beyond words to express their feelings about the Covid-19 pandemic. Students created pieces for their annual Art Exhibition, which was hosted online this year, to share their thoughts and offer messages of resilience, strength, and hope. 

“It was disappointing to not hold the show in person, however this virtual format provided an interactive opportunity for students to connect with a greater audience,” Kent-Meridian IBDP Visual Arts Teacher Karen Sandy said. “These have been especially difficult times, like no other, for all of our kids. In addition to being socially isolated, the art students were uniquely impacted making art from home. Having to turn kitchen tables, bedrooms, even beds into workspaces is no easy task. Nevertheless, they persevered and the exhibition is a collective celebration of their accomplishments.”

Explore the Online Gallery

View and learn more about each student’s artwork via the interactive exhibition hall.

Article Source: Kent Meridian High School