Typing at the Speed of Light

KSD elementary students are excelling in early learning typing skills. Learning.com honored four classrooms at Neely-O’Brien and Fairwood elementary schools for going above and beyond in using the learning.com typing toolset. Megan Jakubowski, Sharon Waterman, Keli Martinez, and Lindsay Knight at Neely-O’Brien received awards. Additionally, Fairwood teacher Jessica Haury and her sixth-grade class received an award from learning.com as well. These four-classrooms were amongst the top 10 percent of users in the state of Washington.

Across 28 Kent School District elementary schools, learning.com statistics show the average accuracy in typing using the toolset ranges from 70-95%. Additionally, 18 of the 28 elementary schools achieved a 90% keyboarding accuracy. 

Typing proficiency continues to be one of the most important skills that students can learn in helping to help prepare them for post-secondary education and a career. In Kent School District, learning.com provides a tool for teachers and students to help build typing skills, but more importantly provides students a tool to practice the skills necessary to be proficient at typing. According to the learning.com webpage, there are adaptive keyboarding programs that “measure students’ existing speed and accuracy, then automatically assigns exercises that adapt to individual needs.” 

Furthermore, learning.com provides lessons that are fun and engaging through use of gaming elements. “Students move through a series of prescriptive pathways as they are typing and earning badges, they achieve goals and proficiency,” according to the learning.com website.

Kent School District in partnership with learning.com is developing students who are ready for a world where typing skills are the foundation for success. Although, they may not be typing at the speed of light, these students are well on their way to being excellent keyboarders in whatever future activity or career they find themselves in.

Article Source: Kent Meridian High School