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Supporting New Teachers in Kent

Female teacher in front of blackboardBeing a new teacher isn’t easy. Being a new teacher during a pandemic and trying to navigate online learning really isn’t easy. But, the Kent School District teacher mentor program helped ensure our new teachers were supported and ready to succeed no matter what. 

“I became a teacher because I want to be here to help students and prepare them for their futures.” Kentlake High School Teacher Amy Hobson said with a smile. “I love seeing my students grow and learn. I had a former student reach out to me a few weeks ago and tell me about what she’s been doing since graduating. She told me what an impact I made in her life, and that’s what makes it worth it for me.”

Each year, our new teachers are assigned a mentor to help them be successful in their role. After the first year, they have a mentor in their buidling to help answer questions, give advice, and  make sure they feel supported.

Male teacher in classroom“It’s been a wild ride, but it’s been a great year,” Kent-Meridian High School Teacher Alexi Salvador said with a laugh. The 2020-2021 school year was his first year teaching. “I’ve learned how to improvise and adapt, and some of my best lessons have been the ones that didn’t go to plan. No matter what, I just keep doing what’s best for students.”

Our commitment to supporting our staff directly impacts our mission of successfully preparing all students for their futures. The New Teacher Mentor Program is an important way our district develops and retains a diverse and premier workforce.

“I love getting to know my students and working with my awesome colleagues,” Salvador said. “It’s been great to be a part of the KM community and all of the other teachers and staff who are here to help support students.”

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Article Source: Kent Meridian High School