Education Support Professionals Week

This week was Education Support Professionals (ESPs) Week. Our ESPs constitute all staff who support the education process, including paraeducators, custodians, bus drivers, maintenance staff, nutrition staff, office staff, technology-support staff, and many more. ESPs provide support to both our teachers and students in preparing every student for whatever future that’s ahead of them.

This week, we are highlighting a few ESPs who are making a difference throughout KSD. Join us in thanking all ESPs for all they do to support students, families, and staff.

Picture of Ray Jenkins, Head Custodian at Horizon Elementary

“The most rewarding thing about my role is being able to communicate with the kids. Showing them what I do and why I do it. I just love being here at Horizon. I’ve been here 16 years; I don’t want to go anywhere else. When I retire, I want to retire out of Horizon Elementary School.” – Ray Jenkins, Head Custodian at Horizon Elementary 

Picture of Arielle Roberts, Intervention Team Assistant  

“Every student deserves the resources and support necessary to thrive at school and in their lives. Further, teachers and staff deserve the resources to effectively serve their students. My job allows me to support our district’s most vulnerable students by increasing capacity in all services necessary to their success. I love that I get to work with students directly and provide a high degree of attention and care to their individual needs.” – Arielle “Elle” Roberts, Intervention Team Assistant 

Picture of Tyree Bagley, Intervention Team Assistant

“The thing I love most about my job is that I get to show up for students in the way I wish an adult had shown up for me when I was a student.” – Tyree Burns, Intervention Team Assistant

Article Source: Kent Meridian High School