Photos unearthed of Eric Morecambe and Tom Baker fooling around at Hever Castle in 1980s

The comedic duo were filming the short feature film The Passionate Pilgrim in what would prove to be Morecambe’s final piece of work

Eric Morecambe was a legendary comedian who, together with Ernie Wise, formed the iconic double act Morecambe and Wise. Actor and writer Tom Baker portrayed the fourth incarnation of The Doctor in the hit BBC sci-fi programme Doctor Who from 1974 to 1981, becoming the longest serving Doctor in the process.

In 1984, the pair joined forces to create the short feature film The Passionate Pilgrim. These photos, actually taken in 1982, offer a glimpse into the slapstick humour which was undertaken for the filming process.

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Kent’s Hever Castle, near Edenbridge, provided the backdrop to the duo’s silly shenanigans. This was notable for being Morecambe’s last work, and one of few not to feature Wise, his long-term partner.

The film also starred Madeline Smith, who appeared in several ’70s and ’80s comedy and horror films, although perhaps best known for playing Bond girl Miss Caruso in Live and Let Die. This film took the setting of a silent film, with narration provided by John Le Mesurier, of Dad’s Army, with this too being some of his last work prior to his death in 1983, the year before it was released.

The entirety of the film was shot on location at Hever Castle. It centres on a Lord (Morecambe) who lives in a castle with his Lady (Smith), the latter of whom attracts the amorous attentions of the title character (Baker).

The plot centres on the pilgrim’s failed attempts to gain entry into the castle by any means possible, and the lengths the lord will go to stop him. One memorable scene saw the lord brandish an aerosol can labelled “Knight-Rid” to stop the pilgrim in his tracks once the assailant has gained entry.

Cast your eye over these fantastic throwback pics from Morecambe’s last stand before his death on the year of release.

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Article Source: Kent Live